Friday, April 10, 2009

Sprinkler turn-ons in full swing

With old man winter finally going away, now is a good time to give your sprinkler system a thorough spring check-up. It is important to go through each zone and make sure each head is adjusted properly. You want to take care not to spray your sidewalks or driveway as it will be wasting water. Beware, adjusting sprinklers can be a cold,wet job. So why don't you let us adjust your sprinklers and make sure they are adjusted appropriately while you stay nice and dry. Our technicians will also adjust your controller for proper watering during the spring season and check your rain sensor to make sure it is working.

If you do not have a rain sensor, call us to have one installed for a peace of mind knowing you are not one of those people whose system is running while it is raining. The rain sensor will also save you money on your water bill from those needless waterings. Another product that is currently available is Solar Sync. It will perform all the monitorings of a rain sensor plus monitor the temperature of the air. It also will automatically adjust your controller throughout the season leaving you with a true maintainence-free operation. Call us today to schedule a Solar Sync installation and if you mention this blog, we will take 15% off the total price. Note, some controllers will need to be upgraded at an additional cost to Hunter Pro-C in order for this product to work.

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