Friday, March 20, 2009

Fix a Leak Week

The Environmental Protection Agency designated March 16-20 as Fix a Leak Week. Did you know that the average home wastes 11,000 gallons of water a year? Most of these leaks are typical household fixtures such as running toilets and leaking faucets.
Your sprinkler system can play a large role in wasting water since they can sometimes not be so obvious. When the weather is consistently warm enough to run the sprinkler system, it is important to walk around the yard and check your sprinkler system for any breaks or leaks. Better yet, call us and have us come out to turn on and check your system out. We will be able to repair any breaks and leaks, as well as adjust the sprinklers to avoid spraying inorganic materials that do not require water. Lets work together to save a limited resource, both your money and our precious water.

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